Gabriel Oguda Abducted in Coordinated Operation: Unrest Ahead of Anti-Finance Bill Protests

Gabriel Oguda Abducted in Coordinated Operation: Unrest Ahead of Anti-Finance Bill Protests

Introduction to the Abduction of Gabriel Oguda

In an alarming turn of events, prominent social media and political activist Gabriel Oguda has allegedly been abducted mere hours before planned nationwide protests against the Finance Bill 2024. The shocking news broke on June 25, as Oguda's last message resonated through the digital landscape, reading ominously, 'Guys cops are at my gate.' This unsettling notification left a chilling mark on his followers and supporters, setting off a wave of concern and confusion.

Scheduled Tweets and Rising Confusion

The situation became increasingly perplexing when tweets continued to appear from Gabriel Oguda's X account. This irregular activity led many to speculate whether the activist was still free and merely sending out updates. However, it was later clarified by his brother, Zachary Oguda, that these tweets were pre-scheduled. He confirmed the grim reality that Gabriel was indeed not safe, amplifying the urgency and chaos around his sudden disappearance. The automated nature of social media posts in Oguda’s case added another layer of complexity to the already tense situation.

Other Reported Abductions

Oguda's abduction is not an isolated event. At least ten other people were reported missing in what appears to be a coordinated operation targeting vocal critics of the Finance Bill 2024. Among those abducted is Osama Otero, who is particularly known for hosting influential X Spaces where opposition to the bill has been fervently discussed. Other missing individuals include Drey Mwangi, TemperCR7, Harriet, Shad, Franje, Worldsmith, and Hilla254. These names are prominent within various activist circles, raising the question of whether these operations aim to silence oppositional voices just before major protests.

Implications of the Abductions

Implications of the Abductions

The abductions have sent shockwaves throughout the activist community and beyond, causing an uproar and significant public outrage. This latest development adds more tension to the already charged atmosphere surrounding the Finance Bill 2024. The proposed bill has been a flashpoint of controversy, with critics arguing that it would impose severe financial burdens on the public. Those advocating against it, like Oguda and Otero, have been vocal about its potential negative impact, rallying support for the protests that were scheduled to occur.

Public Reaction and Planned Protests

Despite the palpable fear and heightened security, the planned protests against the Finance Bill 2024 are set to proceed. Many see this as a direct stand against what they perceive as oppressive measures to stifle dissent. Social media has become a battleground where news of the abductions is rapidly disseminated, and calls to action are made. The widespread outrage has galvanized more people to participate in the protests, determined to voice their opposition despite the risks.

The Role of the Law Society of Kenya

The Law Society of Kenya has weighed in on the situation, urging the public to remain vigilant throughout these turbulent times. They emphasize the importance of upholding civil liberties and have called for scrutiny of the actions taken by security forces. Their involvement highlights the gravity of the current state of affairs and the critical nature of legal oversight in ensuring that public and individual rights are protected during such high-stakes moments.

Broader Implications for Civil Liberties

Broader Implications for Civil Liberties

The abductions of activists like Gabriel Oguda and others signify a troubling scenario for political activism and civil liberties in the country. It raises important questions about the limits of free speech and the measures authorities are willing to employ to suppress dissent. For many, these events are a grim reminder of the fragile nature of democratic rights and the ongoing struggles to preserve them. As these activists remain missing, their plight serves as a rallying cry for others to stand in solidarity and demand justice and transparency.


The alleged abduction of Gabriel Oguda and the coordinated disappearances of other activists underscore a tense and critical moment for Kenya. With the looming protests against the Finance Bill 2024, the nation watches closely, aware that the fight for fair legislation is also a fight for maintaining fundamental freedoms. The outpouring of public outrage and the determination to proceed with the protests reflect a resilient spirit among the people. As events continue to unfold, the issue remains a crucial point of reflection and action for both leaders and citizens alike.