Urgent Search for Bolton's Most Wanted: Police Request Public Aid in Recapturing Fugitives

Urgent Search for Bolton's Most Wanted: Police Request Public Aid in Recapturing Fugitives

Bolton Police's Campaign to Locate Wanted Fugitives

In an intensive push to protect community safety, Bolton Police, in collaboration with local media, has issued a public appeal to track down four individuals slated for immediate recall to prison. These individuals, identified as Michael Hayes, 36; Michael McCann, 35; Lisa Phelps, 42; and Brendan Carney, 51; have different backgrounds but are similarly bound by this urgent recall order. Their diverse ages and profiles suggest a range of challenges in their capture, prompting a nuanced approach by law enforcement.

Chief Superintendent Steph Parker of the Bolton division has explicitly advised the public against attempting to approach these individuals, citing potential risks. Instead, the community is encouraged to play a critical role by staying observant and reporting any sightings directly to the police. This guidance underscores the balance between community involvement and professional law enforcement intervention.

Legal Implications and Public Responsibility

The recall of these individuals to prison indicates that they may have breached the terms of their release, thus necessitating their return to custody. The involvement of the public is solicited not merely as a matter of convenience but as a civic duty. The Bolton News has responsibly echoed this call, reminding residents that harboring or aiding fugitives is itself a criminal offense under UK law. This reminder serves as both a deterrent to those who might consider such actions and a reinforcement of the rule of law.

Moreover, leveraging social media and anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers, the police are broadening the net to capture these individuals while providing secure avenues for citizens to share information. Such platforms allow people to aid law enforcement without compromising their safety or identity, aligning modern policing methods with contemporary digital communication habits.

Community Engagement and Safety Measures

The directive to dial 999 for immediate sightings reflects the urgency and gravity of the situation. For other information that may require a more nuanced delivery, the police encourage using their social media handles or the anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline. These methods ensure that the police can manage insights and tips efficiently, funneling them into actionable intelligence that respects both the source's anonymity and the seriousness of the information.

Community safety is the paramount concern—highlighted by the direct involvement of Chief Superintendent Parker’s office—illustrating the high stakes in such operations. By engaging with the public, Bolton Police hope to foster a sense of shared responsibility for community welfare, emphasizing that public safety is not exclusively the domain of law enforcement but a communal priority.


As the search continues, the effectiveness of the Bolton Police's strategies will depend heavily on public collaboration. The balance between alert vigilance and calm prudence is delicate, requiring informed community participation. This situation in Bolton serves as a pertinent reminder of the ongoing challenges that law enforcement faces, and the critical role that every citizen plays in upholding safety and justice within their community.